WTM Platform

Get the Perfect Store, the Perfect Order and the Perfect Delivery with mobile solutions platform WinTheMarket

The set of features of the WinTheMarket platform increases efficiency and productivity of processes executed at the point of sale, offering agility and intelligence to teams.

With solutions that easily integrate with the management systems of the consumer goods and manufacturing segments, MC1 uses its experience to increase performance, generating greater sales revenue and high return on investment in resources for your field teams.

Flexible and scalable solutions

With configurable and friendly platform,our system supports thousands of sales operators around the world, through many different channels.

Online and offline application

Real-time sales tools and actionable insights throughout the process, with customer and order information even in locations without internet access.

Configurable, not "customizable"

Solution can be adapted to specific functions, regardless of local language or business rules.

High integration capacity

The solution easily integrates to ERPs and CRMs to put your business quickly running seamlessly

Fast and secure cloud deployment

Each client has its own private cloud to a secure, reliable and scalable, with the cloud structure MC1

Experient support teams

Continuous end to end support from training, through data set, to deployment and cloud management

Platform choice

MC1 solutions run on a wide variety of mobile devices using the iOS, Android and Web platforms. So, you can choose the mobile device that best meets the needs and different functions in your company.