WTM Delivery

Real-time automation, management and optimization of deliveries

Increase Operational Efficiency and Quality with intelligent Delivery Execution automation.

WTM Delivery automates the whole cycle of inventory, routes, visits, cargo auditing and other delivery execution processes, with the combination of cloud services and mobile application with all integrated functions.

WTM Delivery integrates with ERPs, logistics systems and the planning and management back office, ensuring the execution of the strategy.


Automation on distribution center

Cargo inventory.

Visits script.

Route intelligence

Integration with Waze and Google Maps.

Real-time optimizations.

Confirmation and control of the visit time by the manager.

Log of stops.

Agility at the point of sale

Customer order screen, even offline.

Offline invoice issuance (for payments on delivery).

Productivity and UX

Automatic loading of customer orders and data by geolocation.

Automatic making of calls within the application.

The minimum number of commands to complete operations.

Features and data available offline.

Closing the day within the application.

More visits by route.


Visibility into delivery execution and inventory update in real time.

Expense control.

Monitoring of payment entries.

Automatic integration with ERPs/CRMs and logistics systems.

Standardization, documentation and control of operations.

KPIs monitoring.

Management Reports.

Simple and secure deployment

Secure and scalable cloud solution.

Supported by MC1 Delivery and Support teams.

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