WTM Van Sales

Perfect Delivery solutions

Work with the direct selling model, reduce costs and increase profitability

Have absolute control over the sales distribution process with dynamism and agility to take full advantage of all the opportunities provided by mobility.

Monitor the entire delivery cycle in real time

With WTM Sales Delivery and WTM Van Sales, manage your orders and deliveries from the cargo preparation for transportation to the daily audits closing, with insights for choosing the best alternatives.


Fast and efficient cargo auditing

 Reduce the time spent in the DC with the automation of the stock audit and vehicle inspection processes.

Cargo preparation, checking, and cashier opening.

Optimize the sales route

 Create and manage the list of customers to visit.

 Integration with Waze and Google Maps.

 Record of stops.

Meet the customer and sell more!

 Credit, portfolio and complete customer historic information.

More agility when taking the order

 Sales order by voice command, bar code or quick search.

All information in the salesperson's hand

 Access to the complete and priority portfolio.

 100% off-line pricing.

 Flow of discounts, promotions and bonuses.

 Integration with other WTM solutions and ERPs and CRMs in the market.

Make the sale and deliver the goods on time!

 Sale with issuance of electronic invoice even in offline mode.

 Control of payment and bank deposits in the same application.

Stock reconciliation without the need to be in the CD.

 Delivery confirmation.

Manage the promoters team nimbly and simply

 Define and monitor daily, weekly and monthly targets.

 Monitor visits in real time.

 Control travel expenses.

Product return

Include in inventory the returned product and enable it for sale again.

Daily closing

 Final audit for perfect control of inventory, sales and financial results.